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The way VUSO Insurance Company saved UAH 2.5 million and valuable employee time via digitalization

VUSO is a prominent player in the Ukrainian insurance market, ranking among the largest classic universal insurance companies and leading the way in online sales.

Roman Malyi, Director of the Department of Alternative Sales Channels, informed us of the seamless implementation of electronic document workflow by VUSO and the significant benefits they have derived from using Vchasno services.

Roman Malyi
Director of Alternative Sales Channels Department

The results of ODE implementation

we reduced expenses by an average of UAH 2.3 to 2.9 million per year
we saved more than 9 thousand hours of employees’ working time
we have attracted more than 4 thousand counterparties over the past year
we invoice quickly and without stress

On the start of ODE implementation

Initially, the implementation of electronic document workflow enabled us to prepare for the pandemic. However, subsequently, it also proved useful in the context of a full-scale invasion. While other companies took more than two to three days to set up their main business processes, VUSO completed the process in less than four hours.

VUSO’s document workflow consists of more than 50,000 documents per year, which in paper format would look like a large stack of paper.

Vchasno services have turned the long process of document circulation into a pleasant experience. Now all important documents are signed in a few minutes:

  • invoices
  • statements of work performed;
  • insurance contracts;
  • cooperation agreements with partners and service providers, etc.

This is of great importance, particularly in cases where the speed of concluding a contract or signing a document determines the client’s payment from the insurance company or the start of treatment.

How can electronic document workflow be implemented smoothly and safely?

Prior to implementing ODE, we were concerned about the confidentiality and security of our partners’ and clients’ personal data, as a significant number of documents contained information that could not be disclosed. It was crucial to ensure the integrity of each document throughout the exchange process.

All concerns and queries were put to rest after a practical workshop on the operationalisation of electronic document workflow. We received comprehensive responses to all questions about the security of the service.

We have agreed with a dozen of our partners to test this format of work together. We executed a further agreement with our partners regarding the implementation of the ODE, and commenced work.

Problems encountered during the implementation of electronic document workflow

A significant challenge was the reluctance of individuals to give up the well-trodden path and try something new. Smaller companies are typically more agile in adapting to change, while larger ones require more time due to the complex process of internal approvals.

While our company often receives outright refusals from counterparties, we remain patient until they decide to switch to ODE. For instance, over the past 12 months alone, we have successfully attracted over 4,000 partners thanks to the effective communication of our employees.

The VUSO team was pleased to implement these changes, as they no longer need to carry mountains of papers for signature or manually reprint dozens of pages of documents. This investment in the company’s development has resulted in significant savings in both financial and human resources.

How were the challenges overcome?

  • 1
    Powerful arguments and recommendations
    We have fundamentally worked out response scenarios for our partners who do not yet use ODE. In case of any objections, we do not insist, but periodically return to this issue.
  • 2
    We are here to assist you. If a counterparty is not currently using Vchasno but is prepared to enter into a contract, our team is available to assist them in adapting and starting to work with the ODE. To facilitate this process, VUSO specialists will send the contract to the partner along with a link to the available training videos provided by the Vchasno service. This approach allows us to conserve our resources.
  • 3
    High-quality feedback
    The customer service answers and resolves our questions on the day of the call. The VUSO team, in turn, fills out questionnaires, shares their impressions and suggests improvements, as they are very interested in improving the service and optimizing work processes.

What were the results of the company’s implementation of an electronic document workflow?

  • 1
    Instant document exchange
    In situations where a person is injured or faces serious health problems and the quality of life depends on the speed of medical care, this is of the utmost importance. The Vchasno service enables the rapid conclusion of a cooperation agreement and the commencement of treatment for the client, even in locations where VUSO does not have a contractual relationship with a medical institution (provided that the latter is willing to provide services to the insured patient).
  • 2
    Working time savings
    Previously, it would take hours to invoice a network of clinics with different legal entities. The process is now both fast and stress-free. As a result, we were able to save more than 9,000 hours of employee time.
  • 3
    Significant reduction in costs
    We have ceased spending money on paper, printing, and courier delivery of documents. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of ODE has reduced costs by an average of UAH 2.3 to 2.9 million per year.

VUSO is currently facing a number of new challenges, including the conversion of internal company documents into electronic format, the increase in the percentage of documents signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES), and so on.

The introduction of electronic document workflow has significantly transformed the perception of a monotonous paper process. This is greatly appreciated by the company’s partners, as it has made the process more pleasant and straightforward.

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