Over 2000 integrations of varying complexity

Vchasno has a lot of successfully implemented integration cases under its belt. Automate your work, sign and send documents from any accounting system or personal account on your website.

Features of integration with Vchasno

Bulk upload of documents

All necessary documents are selected and uploaded to the service, specifying the necessary data (name, number, recipient information) and document format (XML/PDF)

Receiving document statuses

Document status is changed upon signing by a partner both in the service and in your accounting system.

Commenting the documents

You can leave any clarifying questions and comments to the documents.

Dealing with irrelevant documents

You can reject and delete unnecessary documents.

Document download

You can download original documents (XML, PDF, etc.) or their PDF visualization directly from your accounting system.

Integration with personal account

You can sign a document with Vchasno service via your personal account.

Ways of integration


1. Using off-the-shelf solutions

Performing key functions through the customer's accounting system, except for document signing

2. Integration with personal account

Enabling you to sign documents from your personal account on your website

3. Full integration

Automating any business process from the customer's accounting system

Transparent and flexible pricing to automate your business


Working from your accounting system

₴ 3,600 – access to API
+ UAH 3/1 doc


  • Signing and sending incoming and outgoing documents
  • Comments with employees and partners
  • Pricing - per item for sent documents

Integration solutions


Developed functionalities:

Sales invoice selection screen.

  • filtering of sales documents;
  • selection of the document to be downloaded – a statement or invoice

 Documents for downloading and their status

  • list of invoices and their attributes;
  • document status in the Vchasno service;
  • indication of the uploading status

 Preview of the XML form of documents


An up-to-date description of the API is available here

Features of such integration:

  •   uploading of documents;
  •   receiving of documents’ statuses;
  •   retrieving original documents and their PDF-visualization;
  •   request for document rejection and deletion;
  •   receiving and sending comments to the document;
  •   managing employee accounts;
  •   integration with personal account.



 Click here for instructions on how to select the processing.


  • For 1C 8.2-8.3 to be able to export documents in PDF format, perform configuration changes according to the instructions for a standard processing or for a processing with signing.
  • For 1C 7.7, after launching the processing, open the “settings” section, and in the “component directory” field place a link to the directory where additional files are saved.

Read the instructions for configuring the processing

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