Automate your work with contracts

Everything you need for your documents.
Create, Sign, Approve, Exchange and Store documents online

Get rid of headaches and routine while working with contracts.
Manage contracts faster and more efficiently

Do business faster: sign and terminate agreements faster from anywhere in the world — earn profits and grow your company faster

Optimize processes: automate the routine with contracts, save your team time and money on paper work

Convenient for the whole team: agree on versions, sign and exchange contracts in one service. We make complicated things simple

Without Vchasno Contracting

Contracting routine

  • Delay in signing

  • Confusion of versions

  • Long search through paper archives and loss of documents

  • Waste of time and resources

  • The person in charge is "out of place"

  • Different word editors, email services, messengers

With Vchasno Contracting

Streamlined work process

  • Quick negotiation and signing

  • All versions are organized and accessible

  • Documents are protected and easy to find in a couple of clicks

  • Money and staff time are saved

  • Access from any device and anywhere in the world

  • Shared, intuitive workspace

Upgrade the routine — automate every step

Step 1

Getting Started: Uploading

Upload the contract template in the Vchasno account

  • Organize teamwork in one service

  • Work in an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface

Step 2

Automatic routing

Quickly start the approval and conclusion process using an efficient pattern:

  • Use a proven flow for single-type documents

  • Assign those responsible for approval and signing

  • Get access from any device and anywhere in the world

Step 3


Make revisions and approvals online:

  • Easily search and review any preliminary version of the contract

  • Work in an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface

Step 4


Automate the approval and signing process from anywhere in the world:

  • Sign the latest version via the service

  • Sign a contract immediately and get your money, goods or services ASAP

Step 5

Secure storage

All documents are stored in a secure cloud archive:

  • Contracts and versions are organized, and you can always get access to them

  • Easily find the document you need during inspection, review any previous version

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Benefits for each team player






If you sign a contract quickly, you'll make a profit sooner

Leave more time to work with key clients instead of endless paperwork

Legitimately, quickly and automatically — it's possible with Vchasno!

Say goodbye to the headache caused by the version mess.
Forget about drafting separate letters of disagreement with edits.

The title of "a pushy person of the month" is in the past

Start the process of approving and signing contracts according to a well-established procedure. You no longer need to constantly remind your colleagues and partners about the contract — assign people responsible for it automatically.

No cramps in the hand from re-signing another paper document before the inspection!

Automated process at every stage of working with the contract.
Everyone signs the latest approved version online.

Worry about people, not papers!

Quickly and easily approve the necessary documents with your colleagues to spare time for the development and growth of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Vchasno for contract management?

Vchasno Contracting is a comprehensive contract management solution that not only automates contract processing, but as a result speeds up the processes of documenting, selling, receiving funds or goods, etc.
In addition, in one space with a user-friendly interface, you and your colleagues and partners can easily navigate through all versions of documents and leave comments.
You no longer need to exchange contract versions via e-mail – you can work with versions and signatures within Vchasno, and the use of approval flows will take away much of the administrative process routine from those who initiate the signing of contracts.

Who is Vchasno Contracting suitable for?

Organize teamwork in one service – forget about your paperwork.
We simplify the paperwork for everyone involved in the contracting process.
Vchasno Contracting is relevant for managers, sales team, legal professionals, procurement specialists and even HR.
Automate routine processes with contracts – quickly sign and terminate agreements from anywhere in the world.

Paper vs. electronic contracts

Electronic contracting has a number of benefits over paper documents.
One of them is that with the automation of the process by Vchasno Contracting you will forget about delays in signing and time wasted on searching for the right version for approval or inspection.
In addition, electronic documents are well protected, unlike paper documents, which can be misplaced or lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Is it possible for me to use Vchasno's contracting service?

The service provides an opportunity to introduce the work of contracting to any client who is registered in the service.

What file types are supported for the contracting process?

Since working with contracts involves making amendments by the contractor and adding versions, the service offers to add the following editable files for the contracting process: doc, docx, xls, xlsx.

What kind of contract processes can be implemented by Vchasno?

The Vchasno service allows you to add and view different versions of documents, add approvals to a specific version of the document, and discuss with the partner the amendments made to the contract versions. You also have access to all versions of the document that preceded the signing and the entire approval history after the signing of contracts.

How many versions can I add to a contract?

Vchasno service allows you to add up to 50 versions to the document, so you can exactly agree on all the amendments with your counterparties.

Is it possible to delete irrelevant versions of contracts?

Vchasno allows you to delete document versions before signing the final contract to ensure that the approval history is always available to you. After signing, you can delete the entire document with all available versions.
Deleting versions is possible in reverse order to adding – from the latest to the oldest version.

How does the signing process occur in contracting?

The first party to sign will always be the one who receives the draft or a new version of the contract. This allows the contractor to review the new version of the contract and decide if he agrees to sign it. If not, he can add his version of the contract and give it to the initiator for review. Now the initiator will make the decision to sign.
The signing itself does not differ from the usual process at Vchasno – all options for signatures are available.

Can I add new versions of the contract after it has been signed?

No, after the first signature, the service blocks the ability to add new versions to the current document, because the document cannot be changed after signing. You should start a new document process with version additions if necessary.

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