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How to switch to e-document workflow: the case of Delivery

E-document workflow optimizes and speeds up business processes, helps to maintain a high level of service and attract new customers.

5 times shorter time to send 1 document
11 805 companies have joined Vchasno during one year of working in the service
By 3.5 times less number of hard copies of documents
No more need for archiving and storage, the information security has increased

About the transition to a new method of document workflow

At the beginning of 2017 Delivery started actively transferring its clients to e-document workflow.

The new method of document exchange saved time and money. For example, if previously an accountant had to spend from 5 to 15 minutes to send one document, now this time is 5 times shorter, no matter how far away the partner is. A significant advantage of Vchasno was the security of information exchange between Delivery and clients using different types of software. For example, working with similar services, which the company used before, required the installation of the program and the use of keys of not all QTSP (qualified trust service providers). At the same time, the document accounting procedure was not as perfect as with Vchasno.

11,805 companies have joined Vchasno just for a year of work in the service. The number of signed electronic documents increases by an average of 5% every month.

Request a demo of the Vchasno service

During the online meeting, you will learn how e-document workflow can simplify and speed up the exchange of documents in your company.

On special service functions required for a logistics company

Any service, even the most perfect one, needs to be improved and adapted to the needs of a particular company.

The Vchasno team had several tasks to expand the functionality needed to reduce the time of working with a large number of documents to the convenience of clients of the Delivery.

What was done:

  • 1
    We configured the uploading of data from 1C Delivery to Vchasno, which canceled the task of mechanical data transfer;
  • 2
    We developed a type of standard document precisely in accordance with the customer's requests and the current legal requirements;
  • 3
    There is now an opportunity to change the name and position of the signer for documents at the request of the client (relevant in cases where the position or signer changes).

How the implementation of innovations has affected the work of Delivery

In November 2017, Delivery implemented the ability to electronically sign documents in Personal Account, thereby simplifying interaction with customers and suppliers on the certification of statements of provided services, reconciliation statements, contracts, letters and other documents. This service was implemented using the Vchasno service.

With the help of filters the client selects necessary documents for the desired period straight from the Personal Account on the Delivery website. After choosing the desired document and reviewing it, the client can either sign and seal it electronically or decline it, specifying the reason for refusal in a comment. In the first case, the document will be signed, and its status in the Personal Account and in the Vchasno service will change to “Signed”. In the second case, the status of the document will change to “Declined”. Regardless of the reason, all questions on the declined documents can be resolved by e-comments under the document or by a phone call using the highlighted phone numbers of Delivery.

On efficiency indicators

The transition to an e-document workflow has significantly increased the efficiency of the accounting department: the number of hard copies of documents has decreased by 3.5 times, there is no need for archiving and storage, because all the data has “moved” to a cloud service Vchasno. The speed of signing documents and concluding contracts has increased, and also information security has improved.

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