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How e-contracts simplify the procurement process. The experience of the Professional Procurement SE

The Professional Procurement State Enterprise is a centralized procurement organization (CPO) that administers the e-catalogue of the state marketplace — Prozorro Market.

Alla Radova
Acting Chief Accountant of the Professional Procurement SE explains why the organization decided to introduce the electronic exchange of documents and how employees and partners have already benefited from it.

Results of ODE implementation

Signing one-third of contracts in e-format
30 minutes per contract instead of 1 to 6 business days
Much faster delivery of goods to the customer

Reasons for switching to e-contracts

Since the very idea of Prozorro Market is to simplify procurements, then digitizing contracts is a logical step. With e-document workflow, the process can be greatly accelerated: approving the details and signing the contract can take up to a few hours, not days. So the customer receives the goods much faster than would be the case with a paper contract.

Going paperless also simplifies interaction with partners, saves time, streamlines the process (avoiding unnecessary actions), speeds up approvals, signing, etc.

And, of course, the e-document workflow is environmentally friendly and modern.

What we already got

Since the introduction of signing contracts via the Vchasno e-document workflow service, we have signed 19 contracts. This is one-third of the total number of internal procurement contracts of the CPO (Centralized Procurement Organization).

Before using the service, the time needed to conclude a contract depended on the location of the contractor and ranged from 1 to 6 business days. Now it takes 30 minutes on both sides, the contractor fills in the necessary fields, uploads the document and signs it.

Now this is an advantage of Prozorro Market — the opportunity to conclude not only paper contracts, but also electronic ones. Customers and suppliers choose which format to work in. The Professional Procurement SE demonstrated using its own example that an e-contract works.

Request a demo of the Vchasno service

During the online meeting, you will learn how e-document workflow can simplify and speed up the exchange of documents in your company.

Benefits of electronic document exchange

  • 1
    Cost reduction
    Particularly for printing paper documents (paper and printer service), mail delivery services (postal service, courier services, the cost of envelopes, etc.).
  • 2
    Efficient time management
    This also includes the time of workers involved in printing paper documents, sending, receiving, registering and sorting correspondence. It can be used more productively. In addition, the time of exchange of documents between counterparties is also significantly reduced — minutes instead of days. And the receipt of goods also depends on it.
  • 3
    Searching for documents in electronic archives takes seconds. E-contract exchange services provide storage of documents in several places (on several alternative servers) and a timely backup. To restore an electronic contract is much easier than a paper one (Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Workflow” says that if an e-contract is sent to several addresses or stored on several electronic data storage devices, each of the e-copies is considered to be an original of this contract).

Why we chose Vchasno

User-friendliness, comprehensibility and accessibility were the decisive factors in our choice. It was important for us that both our employees and partners could easily find their way in the service. We also paid attention to the availability of support and additional functions to automate work with documentation as much as possible.

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