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How to Encourage Managers to Switch Clients to ODE? The case of the LLC Tvii Hazzbut

Many factors have an impact on the ability to convert the maximum number of partners to e-document workflow. One of them is the motivation of the company’s employees, in particular, the managers who work directly with clients. Here’s how Tvii Gaszbut handles it.

Natalia Lavrynenko
Director of LLC Tvii Gaszbut

Training the team

Since June last year, Tvii Gaszbut has been actively working with clients using ODE services, including Vchasno.

We started with training our managers and strengthening the belief in the usefulness of ODE: we have made various visual materials for managers, which clearly showed how ODE would help them in their work.

Last summer we introduced monthly contests among our managers from all regions. According to the results of the “races” the top three received valuable gifts.

Motivating managers

After that we saw some activity among managers, but still not enough. The first managers to get into work with clients were those who understood and believed in the benefits of ODE, primarily for themselves — less time is spent going to the post office to send documents, collecting all the signatures on the documents, etc. But most of the managers remained inactive.

Then starting from the fourth quarter of 2022 we changed our monthly motivation system — we introduced a clear financial motivation. We made the transfer of clients to ODE one of the three main KPIs, the fulfillment of which gives managers bonuses each month.

Initially, this KPI was set at a minimum level of 10% in the 4th quarter, but every month it is increased by 5%. And so when this new system of financial motivation started working, we finally saw the result. In addition, the bonus is calculated on a progressive scale – the more clients a manager transfers to ODE, the greater reward he will receive.

The results of managers' performance

Now, by the way, the KPI of managers in the small and medium business sector, where quite a lot of Private Entrepreneurs (PEs) are not interested in using ODE, amounts to 45% of the manager’s client portfolio. In the corporate business sector, which has a greater need for ODE than PEs, the percentage of clients that we require from managers to move to e-document workflow is much higher. But there is also less resistance from clients in this category.

Besides, today different managers have very different indicators of transferring clients to ODE. Some have already transferred 90% of their portfolio of clients, while others barely have 30%. Thanks to our motivation system, those managers who do show results get rewarded for this.

At the same time, we still do monthly rankings of the best managers in terms of KPI fulfillment, which triggers “a sporting interest” and motivates people to become better in their teams.

KPI of transferring clients to ODE amounts to 45% of the manager's client portfolio
managers transferred from 30% to 90%** of their portfolio of clients
saved about 2 million hryvnias per month on paper documents

How can a manager motivate a partner?

The art of a motivated manager lies in communicating the benefits of e-document workflow through specific examples. We ask the client the following questions:

  • How many counterparties does he have?
  • How many documents are signed each month?
  • How many people accompany this process?

Then our manager offers to count the savings on each of the points.

The way of one paper document — a statement of work performed:

  • 1
    the accounting department closes the accounting period
  • 2
    the manager prints the document
  • 3
    the manager arranges the document signing
  • 4
    the manager sends the document to the client by courier services or hands it over personally, by making an appointment
  • 5
    the client checks the data in the document
  • 6
    the client agrees and signs the document
  • 7
    the client involves an accountant and other services, if necessary
  • 8
    the client sends the document back or arranges an appointment with the manager again

This process takes a long time, from several days to several weeks.

In addition to the obvious time savings for both the manager and the client, there is a significant economic benefit: the cost of courier delivery, printing and paper is reduced.

Request a demo of the Vchasno service

During the online meeting, you will learn how e-document workflow can simplify and speed up the exchange of documents in your company.

How much does Tvii Gaszbut save?

Let’s look at an example of savings with ODE on the basis of the company’s own experience.

Tvii Gaszbut signs at least 2 documents a month with each client: an additional agreement to change the terms and conditions of the contract and a statement of work performed, i.e.

  • ~50 thousand documents per month.
  • ~100 thousand sheets of paper, which is 12 trees!
    (Also don’t forget about printing and courier delivery)

If a company sends out 2 documents per month to each client by courier delivery the cost of paper workflow is about 2 million hryvnias per month. In this case, up to 94% of the cost is the cost of courier delivery.

On average, each manager of a company has a portfolio of 100 to 150 clients, and all the routine paperwork was taking up a great deal of their time. With e-document workflow, however, the employees’ time was saved significantly so that they could focus on communicating with their clients and finding new clients.

For more on the experience of digitalization of a large energy company, see our interview with the director of LLC Tvii Gaszbut:

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