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One of the largest IT schools in the country almost never prints documents: Hillel IT School automates as many processes in Vchasno as possible

Hillel IT School is one of the largest educational platforms in Ukraine. For more than 11 years, it has been helping its students gain useful knowledge and skills in IT and digital.

The school’s mission is to improve people’s lives through knowledge, create a center of conscious learning and make it as accessible as possible. Therefore, for the convenience of clients and partners, as well as for the team itself, a modern and simple format of electronic document workflow was chosen.

Viktoriia Slobodianiuk
CFO of Hillel IT School

The results of ODE implementation

~97% of the total document workflow in electronic format
600+ teachers, employees and partners of the company work with ODE
~500 thousand UAH savings per year
5 minutes instead of 2-3 hours a day to prepare documents

Almost 97% of the company’s document workflow is signed in Vchasno, including instructions on labor and civil protection, fire safety, and emergency response.

In this way, Hillel IT School has done away with paper bureaucracy for more than 600 of its faculty and staff, as well as partners. Instead, everyone enjoys fast, convenient, and effective communication, and all the processes — from providing services to receiving funds — are correspondingly getting faster.

It takes 5 minutes instead of 4 days to sign a document X 450+ documents per month.
This simple math shows a considerable time savings for all participants involved in the process.

~UAH 500 thousand per year — this is the amount of funds saved that were previously spent on printing and courier delivery. However, the most important thing is that the team is released from routine and unleashes its potential for creative work.

Fire safety digitalization along with minimization of the number of “pieces of paper” that could get on fire

One of the cases of digitalization at Hillel IT School is that in 2023 we were the first in Odesa to digitize all journals on fire safety and labor protection briefings.

We addressed a fire safety company, shared the principles of work in Vchasno and discussed all the details: ways our employees would become aware of the instructions and sign documents using an electronic digital signature (EDS).

This was a new experience for both parties — none of the companies in Odesa had ever had such a case. However, the electronic format quickly gained favor with the simplicity and speed of all processes. In addition, this kind of approach does not contradict the law, so it is quite realistic.

Digitalization at Hillel IT School — first steps and how ODE runs as of 2024

Hillel IT School started implementing ODE back in 2021. Since then, we have gone through the following stages:

  1. One of the first steps was to completely abandon paper receipts and start using electronic cash registers.
  2. We developed a clear plan for the transition to ODE: our customers were the first to be transferred, followed by suppliers, and then employees and teachers.
  3. The next step was to integrate the Vchasno service with our internal system.

Integration has significantly reduced the time required to prepare documents — now, instead of 2-3 hours a day, we spend up to 5 minutes on it.

To simplify the transition, we have developed special instructions for our employees. As well as a guide for new employees. So, to sign an employment contract with Hillel IT School, all you need is a phone and a laptop: a person logs in to the service, sends a diploma, passport, and a taxpayer’s number. We then draft an employment contract and sign it with the new employee online.

Other HR documents, such as orders, vacations, and business trips, follow the same principle.

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Solving the problems of ODE implementation — reducing the number of “paper” partners by up to 3%

Document workflow with suppliers


The problem that most companies face when switching to electronic document workflow is the reluctance of some partners or suppliers to do away with printed documents.

However, given the current situation in Ukraine and the corresponding difficulties that make it impossible to quickly transfer printed documents, ODE is the best solution that allows us to continue working in full. Currently, we have only about 3% of suppliers and accountants who refuse to work in electronic format. But I am convinced that they will soon discover all the benefits of electronic document workflow.

Internal document workflow with company employees

However, no problems were encountered within the company. To avoid missing important documents for signature, we additionally set up email notifications. So, we don’t have to constantly monitor new documents in the service.

Employees of Hillel IT School considered electronic document workflow as an opportunity to simplify their lives and work remotely.

Signing documents with customers

There were delays in signing documents by customers. However, we also solved and automated this issue. We have created a register of customers by month, which makes it easy to track the status of a document: if it is not signed, an automatic reminder letter is sent to the customer.

First results of ODE implementation

  • 1
    The speed of signing contracts has increased tenfold
    We reduced the time required to sign a contract from at least 4 days to just a few minutes. The time saved is evident and exemplary, which is important for any business today.
  • 2
    Elimination of monotonous and energy-consuming tasks
    You no longer need to spend time on repetitive mechanical tasks. They are instantly performed by the service. Therefore, using ODE, our employees have more time to solve creative tasks and grow professionally.
  • 3
    More than 500 thousand UAH saved per year
    Hillel IT School has significantly reduced its direct costs for paper, printing (including maintenance of printing equipment), and courier delivery.

I am convinced that there are far more benefits that can be achieved by using electronic document workflow in a company. So we plan to continue automating all our processes.

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