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More than 1000 employees

Automation of HR Document Workflow. Practical Experience of the EVO Company

Kateryna Denysova
Head of the HR Department of the EVO Group — about the peculiarities of electronic HR document workflow

Results of ODE implementation

The implementation of e-document workflow took three months
The speed of signing documents has increased by 5 times
Hiring procedure takes 1 hour instead of a whole working day
Employees don't need to spend extra time knocking on various office doors or traveling to the office

What has changed in the processes?

We converted all HR documents to an electronic format. EVO has more than 1,300 employees. The majority of them work remotely from different cities of Ukraine and the world. This is a constant flow of different documents: hiring/firing, vacations, business trips, transfers, etc. For example, the process of putting an employee officially on the staff now takes an hour instead of a whole working day. Also, there are no photocopies or handwritten applications.

Three-months automation

The time required to implement e-document workflow directly depends on the size of the company. In EVO this process took three months. We divided it into stages:

  • 1
    preparatory stage
  • 2
    audit of documents
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    informing and educating employees

About the outcomes

The speed of signing documents has increased fivefold, and the administration of processes has been greatly simplified.

For instance, when an employee is moved to a new position. The process of changing positions is now quickly displayed in the system, and the program automatically fills in all the necessary documents. And the employee does not need to spend extra time knocking on various office doors or traveling to the office. The colleague receives a notification with a link to sign documents via Viber or Telegram. He/she applies his/her electronic signature to automatically completed documents in just 5 minutes. You can sign documents in any convenient way: via Vchasno.KEP, Diia, Privat, etc.

The HR department receives information about the signing of documents through the internal messenger. A report was created for convenience to track document signatures. This helped in saving several working hours of HR employees, which used to be spent on controlling and receiving original documents.

We removed stress, bureaucracy, and unnecessary information from employees — but we added joy to the work with documents

ODE for HR today is a must

Your use of electronic documents will also speak volumes about you as a modern and progressive company. We all know that the hiring procedure is the first thing that makes a first impression on a new employee.

It’s a torture when dealing with paper documents: you have to make printed photos and whole piles of photocopies of documents: your own, your wife’s, your children’s. Then you spend hours filling out a series of forms and applications in two copies by hand — in today’s world, it already sounds quite strange. At EVO, we got rid of these horrors.

Details about the automated hiring procedure

  • 1
    Recruiters find candidates and send them applications to fill out.
  • 2
    The HR department prepares an order based on the information they receive about the candidate.
  • 3
    The HR department prepares an order based on the information they receive about the candidate.
  • 4
    The employee signs the documents with a qualified electronic signature.
  • 5
    The HR person submits the necessary information to the tax office.
  • 6
    We provide instructions and support to employees.

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