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Saving UAH 1 million per month with ODE? Ukrtelecom’s digitalization experience

Pavlo Holitsyn
Deputy CEO for Information Technology

The results of ODE implementation

More than 30 document types have been transferred to ODE
Business processes run 5 times faster
Time for signing documents reduced to 1-2 days (instead of 7-10 in paper form)
~ Monthly savings amount to 1 million UAH

The reasons for switching to ODE

Ukrtelecom is a large telecommunications company with a nationwide presence. As its scale and the number of complex business processes continue to grow, it has become clear that automation is the answer to this need.

ODE is not a new project for us; we have been working with it since 2015. We did not implement electronic document workflow in a revolutionary way; rather, we did so in an evolutionary manner. Given the ever-evolving nature of the Vchasno.ODE service, it is our objective to utilize it to the fullest extent.

The digitalization of business operations has accelerated during the coronavirus epidemic. With the start of the full-scale invasion, remote work and online signing of documents have become the norm. This allowed Ukrtelecom to avoid losing time and resources and to continue working.

Overcoming customer resistance

From my own experience, I can say that the initial reaction to any digital transformation is often one of skepticism. Naturally, there was some initial resistance. Moreover, in some cases, this remains a challenge, as customers are still skeptical and distrustful of electronic document workflow.

We are implementing advanced features of the system while also explaining and demonstrating the effectiveness of what we are doing. This is a standard process for us, which gradually builds greater loyalty to digitalization among our customers.

Major benefits of ODE are immediate

  • 1
    We easily managed to reduce the time for signing documents to 1-2 days (instead of 7-10 in paper form). So far, Ukrtelecom has transferred more than 30 types of documents to Vchasno.ODE. Each of them is an integral part of a specific business process. Speeding up the process by 3 to sometimes 5 times results in a serious positive impact on business operations.
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    Cost savings
    One of the most significant advantages for any business is the reduction in the cost of printing paper documents and then sending or archiving them. As a result, we are able to save approximately UAH 1 million each month.

Characteristics of a high quality service provider

For any business, the range of ODE service capabilities and the ability to customize them to meet its own needs are of the utmost importance. It is clear that two similar businesses may have very different needs and objectives.

In addition, the reliability, high-quality support of the technological solution, stability, and reliability of the system are of equal importance. Furthermore, an excellent service provider will have a results-oriented team as well as a customer support service.

In spite of the extensive experience in the use of ODE, there is still room for improvement

We have two primary development vectors for the future. First, we plan to collaborate more closely with contractors in Vchasno.ODE and increase the number of external types of documents in circulation.

Second, we intend to digitize all the documents that are still in paper format. Our goal is to free up our employees’ time for more creative work instead of paperwork.

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Which businesses should prioritize digitalization?

For businesses (newly created or existing) that plan to scale over time, it is essential to incorporate digitalization into the strategy. To ensure that digitalization does not have a negative impact on the business, it is essential to digitalize all important processes before scaling.

In general, digitalization should not be viewed as a one-time project with a defined start and end point. Rather, it should be regarded as an ongoing process.

As a business grows, it will require more digital technologies to support its operations. Otherwise, the company will be unable to compete in the market.

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