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How can digital services optimize business processes? The Lifecell company’s case study

Concluding contracts, exchanging documents, executing cash payments, and registering receipts are an integral part of the business process for a company that is engaged in trading. It is crucial that everything is organized as simply and transparently as possible.

Victoria Pokhilenko
Specialist of the Department of Administration and Digitization of Office Management Processes at Lifecell LLC

Gradual implementation of Vchasno services

2017 — we launched a pilot ODE project
2018 — we initiated/signed the first contracts
2022 — we began issuing QESs to employees
2022 — we activated Vchasno.Kasa для виїзної торгівлі for itinerant trade

These are our achievements over 6 years

About 10,000 packs of paper have been saved — that's about 600 trees
682 employees have been connected to the ODE
40+ electronic cash registers are now enabled
About 21 different processes have been digitized
Documents are now safely stored in the E-archive
Shipment of any quantity of goods in 2 minutes from a smartphone
Signing documents via Face ID or fingerprint

Considering the new opportunities with Vchasno.QES, you can:

  • sign documents using the app on your phone and Face ID or fingerprint verification. Or via a browser in the service;
  • pre-apply for QESs to be issued to new employees;
  • block the QES of employees who have resigned or changed their position.


On connecting electronic cash registers

Back in 2014, we launched a project introducing classic mobile shops. A personal mobile shop was created for each sales representative in the company’s accounting system, which was actually a company car.

We had to take care of the availability of products in towns and villages of the country that were far from regional warehouses. We also had to build a high-quality distribution system with effective logistics management tools to avoid any shortage of our products.

The way it was before Vchasno.Kasa: expensive fiscal equipment

The goods were sold using a special hardware and software suite: a small, secure POS terminal with a barcode scanner and a portable fiscal registrar with a built-in GSM module for online data transmission.

The devices had powerful built-in batteries, were equipped with wall and car chargers, and a bag for storage and transportation. In other words, there was everything necessary for comfortable long-term autonomous work while working outdoors. All this hardware was managed by special software integrated with the company’s accounting system. It was a fairly advanced solution at the time, although not very cheap.

The way it is now with Vchasno.Kasa: smartphone as the main trading tool

Today, a sales manager using his company's Android smartphone can ship any quantity and range of products in two minutes (actually, even less). He also has access to all the necessary logistics, reporting, and analytical functions. And the back office doesn't need to do anything at all to monitor or control the process — all transactions are automated and accompanied by notifications in the form of SMS and e-mail messages.

All this saves resources very significantly. This is due to savings:

  • 1
    on ongoing maintenance of the equipment;
  • 2
    in the cost of repairing and updating the devices;
  • 3
    in the time of responsible employees.

We first recommend that you do not be afraid to implement innovations and changes. Even if the very phrase "software registrar of settlement operations" (PRRO) causes you anxiety and a strong resistance to deal with it, just know that working with a digital cash register is much easier and more convenient than with a mechanical one. And this is true both for the launch with all the initial registrations of points of sale, cash registers, and cashiers, as well as for the daily use of the product.

If you’re a large company, integration with an accounting system will help you save resources and strengthen your control over your assets. Small companies and individual entrepreneurs are advised to pay attention to ready-made solutions that are widely available on the market of PRRO service providers.

In general, we at Lifecell believe that the opportunity to work with digital services is a powerful and necessary step towards the digitalization of our country.

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