How to integrate Vchasno.ODE service with accounting systems

Modern companies actively use software solutions to automate their work. Particularly, accounting systems (ERP) are usually used to manage source documentation. With their help, employees generate documents, control their circulation, analyze business processes, etc.

If e-documents have to be sent for remote signing or reporting, the accountant often has to manually transfer them from the accounting system to the ODE service. This can cause a number of issues:

  • an employee can make mistakes;
  • there is a need to check the validity of each document before sending it;
  • manual transfer is time-consuming, etc.

Modern ODE services are integrated into accounting systems. This helps to avoid problems caused by the human factor. Integration assists in automating routine processes and saving time. Let’s consider the way the Vchasno.ODE service integrates with accounting systems and what benefits it brings to business.

Benefits of integrating Vchasno.ODE with accounting systems

The Vchasno.ODE service integrates with many common ERP systems (BAS, 1C, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP) and CRM services. It can also be integrated into a personal account on your company’s website.

Integration of the Vchasno.ODE with the accounting system provides the employee with a number of additional advantages.

Bulk uploading of documents

In the accounting system, an employee can quickly sort documents by different parameters (name, EDRPOU of the partner, date, document format, etc.) and upload them to the service for later sending.

Obtaining the document signing status

After a partner signs a document, the status is updated not only in the Vchasno.ODE service, but also in the accounting system. This helps to control business processes more effectively.

Document Commenting

You can exchange comments with employees and partners when agreeing and signing documents.

Document Control

An employee can reject or delete irrelevant documents.

Document Upload

Original documents (XML, PDF, etc.) or their PDF visualization can be uploaded from the accounting system.

Document storage

Documents uploaded by the user to Vchasno.ODE are stored in the secure cloud storage. A company can use it as a backup storage for its documents.

Let’s take a closer look at how to set up integration of Vchasno.ODE with different accounting systems.

Integration with BAS/1C

If a company works with source documents in the BAS/1C system, it is possible to integrate an external processing – an additional element of the accounting system configuration that allows the transfer of data to the ODE service.

External processing for 1C 7.7, 1C 8.2 – 8.3, BAS (BAF) versions is available to Vchasno users. Please, see the instructions. to determine the correct version of the accounting system.

The external processing will allow you to receive original documents and the status of signing directly into the accounting system. All processing variants for 1C/BAF have been collected under this link. Each of them is described with specifics of customization and instructions. You can choose the variant you need.

Integration module for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Vchasno service can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting system using a special module Electronic Invoicing for Ukraine via Vchasno. It was created by Clarity Ukraine company, which is the competence center for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Ukraine. The module has been certified and has permission for use in Microsoft.

With this integration module, users can:

  • upload a list of documents from Vchasno to the Business Central database;
  • track the statuses of documents from Vchasno and signatures in Business Central;
  • create source documents in Business Central based on the list of documents from Vchasno;
  • revoke documents;
  • transfer a printed document file from Business Central to Vchasno.

Integration with other ERP systems via API

For companies using other accounting systems (SAP, internal CRM systems, etc.), Vchasno offers integration via API. This option is suitable for any accounting systems that exchange data via https protocol.

Integration via API allows you to generate and approve documents in the ERP system, and sign them in the Vchasno web interface. Companies with a large external document workflow can set up integration with signing directly in the ERP. This will allow signing more than 10000 documents in 30 minutes.

The Vchasno team has prepared instructions for you to set up the integration via API on your own.

So, integration of ODE services with accounting systems provides additional opportunities for organizing document workflow within the company and with partners. Learn more about the integration capabilities of Vchasno.ODE by clicking here.

Help with integration

Learn more about the integration capabilities of Vchasno.ODE