Business profile:
Production and wholesale trade
Company position:
Financial director
Company size:
51-100 employees

We reduced the cost of the document workflow by 2.5 million hryvnias. Puratos Ukraine experience

Denys Zavertanyi
Puratos Ukraine CFO describes how the Company saved millions of hryvnias and improved interaction between internal departments.

Results of ODE implementation

Non-recourse factoring with debtors — growth of sales by 11%
Reverse factoring with suppliers — increase in deferral by 60+%
Document life cycle decreased to 3 days instead of 11
Costs on document workflow decreased by UAH 2,500,000

Reasons for switching to ODE

We work in the bakery and confectionery segment, so as a production and distribution company we needed to optimize document workflow and improve business processes. Every year we create and sign more than 60 thousand documents, excluding tax invoices, and the life cycle of most of them lasts 11 days.

And before the transition to ODE, the company’s document workflow cost almost 3 million hryvnias a year (we took into account the cost of staff time, document delivery services, stationery, etc.).

Choosing a provider

Before choosing a provider, we've compiled a list of 5 basic requirements.

  • 1
    The budget
    The cost of services should be affordable, it is impractical for us to cut ten thousand hryvnias for an electronic document management system.
  • 2
    It should be possible to approve and sign documents from mobile devices.
  • 3
    The solution should combine internal and external document workflow.
  • 4
    Availability of ongoing support and provider flexibility to introduce updates and improvements to the system.
  • 5
    As an international company in Ukraine, the issue of security is very important to us. It was therefore necessary not only to choose a convenient solution, but also to approve it with the IT specialists of the parent company.

Vchasno is exactly the provider that got both approval from IT specialists and met all our other requirements.

Stages of switching to ODE

We wanted both to go paperless and to improve interaction between different departments within the company. So first we formed a project team and enlisted the support of top management and the general director.

Then we explored the system’s capabilities and made a schedule for the document workflow. This process is endless, we are constantly developing, improving our internal processes, and the flow of documents is constantly changing. Therefore, it is important for us that the chosen system should also be flexible and provide a convenient and quick adaptation of the document workflow when the process changes. This is what we have achieved via Vchasno. It was important to draw up not only a document workflow schedule, but also a clear interaction between departments in the monitoring and management of qualified electronic signatures (QES). Because you have to always monitor the validity of keys, continue their validity in advance, and deactivate them when people are dismissed. We have also included this point in our action plan and we are implementing it effectively.

Finally, we organized training for key users and all willing colleagues. The training process was divided into several stages: ranging from the basics to the complex issues.

The final stage was the step-by-step introduction of e-document workflow into the system. We started with the transition of internal document workflow and a part of the external one, which relates to sales and customer service. Then, in the second stage, we started with the transfer of suppliers and HR document workflow to the ODE system.

The result we got

We were stunned by the result. The life cycle of a document decreased from 11 days to 3 days. We managed to reduce the cost of document workflow by 2,5 million hryvnias.

And now it is only half a million hryvnias.

With the help of Vchasno we were also able to launch non-recourse factoring with debtors (sales growth of 11%), as well as reverse factoring with suppliers (60+% increase in deferral).

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