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How does ODE help in raising millions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation’s case study

Since the very first days of the full-scale invasion, Serhiy Prytula’s Charity Foundation has been raising funds for the military. How does electronic document workflow boost the foundation’s work and simplify the process of helping our defenders?

Serhii Yevteiev
CFO of the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation
We have been using ODE since the first months of the full-scale invasion
The fundraisor for the Revenge Project brought 352 million UAH, with Vchasno service being involved to the fullest extent possible
34% of procurement agreements for the military were signed in Vchasno

The main task is to optimize the work of the accounting department

The Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation has been operating in its current format since February 24, 2022. It was then that we received the first donation for charitable aid for the military in the afternoon.

During this time, the foundation managed to adapt and began to actively purchase goods to support the Defense Forces. And, of course, we were immediately faced with the question of how to deal with the documentation.

Since its establishment, we have been working with paper documents. However, under the conditions of a full-scale invasion, air alerts, and constant threats from enemy MIGs taking off from air bases, the process takes days, which delays the receipt of donations.

Back in June 2022, I initiated the introduction of electronic document workflow through the Vchasno.ODE service as a sustainable and systematic instrument for exchanging documents with our partners.

It also boosted the work of the accounting department and enabled us to receive primary documents faster.


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Security settings: contracts are signed upon approval of a lawyer or accountant

In Vchasno we receive:

  • contracts for current procurement and business activities,
  • documents on the purchase of goods or services – transfer and acceptance certificates,
  • statements of provided services,
  • invoices, etc,
  • bills, etc.

We have also transferred internal documentation and letters to the controlling authorities into the electronic document workflow.

We have also set up security features: a signatory cannot sign an agreement until it is approved by our lawyer or accountant. In this way, we protect ourselves from situations where we could sign an incorrect document.

We still sign some documents in paper form. This is mostly due to the fact that our partner does not use electronic document workflow at all or uses another electronic service.

Unfortunately, not all of our partners understand that a document signed in Vchasno has the same legal force as a document signed in person. That is why we often provide counseling and intensify this process simultaneously.

Our employees who directly work with our partners have noted that the introduction of the ODE has significantly speeded up their work.

At the first stage of ODE implementation, we immediately involved the responsible persons and made them familiar with all the tools and capabilities of the service. We also provided education to our colleagues, and we share tips and step-by-step instructions with each other.

At the second stage, we sorted all the documents by labels related to a specific project, area, or work unit.


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ODE speeds up raising funds for the military

The Revenge Project was a fundraiser that involved the Vchasno service as much as possible. We managed to raise 352 million UAH in one day.

Within the first few hours after the shelling of Kyiv, our Partnership Department received numerous requests for letters of charitable assistance. The majority of them were received through Vchasno.

The key to a quick receipt of a charitable contribution was the ability to transfer a signed, legally and cryptographically protected document as quickly as possible via the ODE service ( in contrast to scanned copies that can be easily compromised).

For instance, when a funder needs an original letter, we would have to print it out, sign it, stamp it, take it to the post office, wait for delivery… And that takes a huge amount of time, during which a funder cannot make a donation. Therefore, electronic document workflow significantly speeds up the fundraising process and, of course, hastens the goal achievement.

  • 1
    Our colleagues in the accounting department receive documents quickly and in the form they need for bookkeeping. The document is kept in secure storage and is accessible to those who need it.
  • 2
    Process automation
    We are currently working on automatic uploading of documents to our private cloud services, which will be available to those colleagues who need them.
  • 3
    No location-based work
    Another advantage of using ODE for us is that we are not restricted to a workplace. We understand that if it suddenly happens that we need to move to another city with the whole team, there won't be any problems with document workflow.
  • 4
    Effective collaboration within the team.
    Besides, the use of ODE helps us to collaborate efficiently within the team, in particular, with our Partnership Department. Our colleague works in the Netherlands, and although she often comes to Ukraine, she does a lot of her work abroad. And she doesn't have to constantly ask her colleagues to print out a contract on paper, take it to her boss for signature, and then send it by mail. She simply uploads the document to Vchasno, the lawyer approves it, and I sign it. And that's it.

With electronic document workflow, there are no borders. Therefore, this service makes it possible to simplify our internal life as well, and not to burden the heads of departments.

The results of ODE implementation

The Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation has been using ODE since the first months of the full-scale invasion.

The fundraiser for the Revenge Project, where the Vchasno service was involved to the fullest extent possible, brought in 352 million UAH. This was mainly achieved through the ODE service that delivers all the documents required for the execution of a donation as quickly as possible. To transfer the funds, the donor does not have to wait for the original letter to be printed, signed, stamped, taken to the post office, and delivered.

Currently, we have 34% of the procurement agreements for the military signed in Vchasno.

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