Business profile:
Production and wholesale trade
Company position:
IT director
Company size:
More than 1000 employees

The way modern digital tools help to enhance business processes. The IDS Borjomi experience

Fedir Klimov
Head of Infrastructure, IT Department
Viktor Borovkov
IT director, IDS Borjomi Ukraine

Results of ODE implementation

Tens of thousands of e-documents were signed
70 % of documents have been converted to ODE
It takes 3 minutes to send a document
No lost or delayed documents

Watch in the video case study:

  • 1
    How to deal with complex document approval routes — Borjomi's experience with the Vchasno integration
  • 2
    What factors should you pay attention to when choosing an e-document workflow provider?
  • 3
    The result: tens of thousands of e-documents — the stages of implementing ODE and overcoming resistance in a modern company
  • 4
    ODE can save up to 10 minutes per document — why you shouldn't fear stepping into the sea of digitalization
  • 5
    Software registrar of settlement operations (RSO) to speed up couriers' work, warehouse accounting, and eBL (electronic bill of lading) in business plans

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