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We reduced the time for signing documents from a month to a few seconds: digitalization at EPIROC UKRAINE

EPIROC UKRAINE is a company specializing in mining and construction equipment. It was during the full-scale invasion that we began to actively digitalize. How to convince one third of the partners to implement ODE (electronic document workflow) and reduce the time for signing documents to a few seconds in less than a year, shares Natalia Volochniuk, the company’s accountant.

Natalia Volochniuk

(Українська) Результати впровадження ЕДО

in one year one third of counterparties completely switched to ODE
we sign the document within a few seconds on average
advance reports are signed in 2-3 days instead of a whole month
reduced office expenses by 50%

The war has made it impossible to exchange documents

The full-scale invasion of Russia prompted Epiroc to digitalize its business. When the hostilities started, the exchange of documents became impossible. Since we have offices in Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Korosten, and Horishni Plavni. We were waiting for documents from different cities for more than 2-3 months. So electronic document workflow was our lifeline in this case.

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How to make ODE convenient and comprehensible for everyone?

Of course, there were some problems at first, because not all employees realized the importance of this process. We also did not understand at first how to make the ODE convenient and easy to use for all employees. And there were a lot of questions about using the service, though the helpdesk assisted us with that. So now we don’t have this problem anymore.

However, we had a harder time with our partners. We tried to persuade them to implement ODE, and wrote letters to all of them. And it took a long time: correspondence, clarifications, explanations. But now we don’t even consider signing a new contract if a company doesn’t work with Vchasno. Unfortunately, not all suppliers are willing to refuse using paper yet. But over the past year, one third of our counterparties have completely switched to ODE.

Epiroc converted internal and primary accounting documents into electronic form. Then we came up with the idea to digitize advance reports in general. From now on, our employees can be in Ukraine or abroad, but still sign everything promptly. We have also issued KEPs (qualified electronic signatures) to those who work with documents.

Presently, we sign advance reports within 2-3 days at Vchasno, while previously it could take a month.

It only takes a few seconds to send everything: the benefits of digitalization

Digitalization significantly improves business efficiency, and we have noticed many advantages since switching to ODE.

  • 1
    ODE systematizes data, which is especially convenient for accurate analysis. And thanks to document labels and flows, you can find the right document and analyze the data even faster - both internal and external documents.
  • 2
    First of all, ODE speeds up the fulfillment of all obligations between counterparties. That is, when an order is made, we immediately see the invoice. It is very fast, convenient, eco-friendly and on time. We often had situations when bills were paid, but the documents were not available. Now it is done in a few clicks.
  • 3
    Time saving
    Now we sign advance reports within 2-3 days, whereas before it could take a whole month. It's the same with inspections. Before the implementation of ODE, we had to search for paper documents for a long time, then scan them and send them. Now all this is downloaded in a few seconds and sent to the auditors. Previously, such inspections took months.
  • 4
    Cost reduction
    Earlier, we had a lot of office expenses: paper, printers, sending documents by mail. And now they have been reduced by 50% due to electronic document workflow.
  • 5
    Now you can sign documents anywhere: on a business trip, on vacation, from anywhere in the world. The main thing is to have a laptop and the Internet. We can continue working even in bomb shelters. We, Ukrainians, will find a way out of any situation - as a result, we have created such a convenient service.

Information technology is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to keep up with it. You should constantly improve your business efficiency and optimize all processes. That is, do everything possible to speed them up, improve them, make them transparent, tailor them to each individual, and simplify them. Also, with the help of digitalization, you can minimize mistakes and the human factor.

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