What is electronic document workflow?

The exchange of documents in electronic form is becoming more and more common in business practice. In this article we will consider what online document exchange (ODE) is and what advantages it gives to companies.

According to the Law of Ukraine No. 851-IV electronic document workflow is a set of processes of creating, processing, sending, transferring, receiving, storing, using and destroying electronic documents, performed with the application of integrity verification and, if necessary, with confirmation of the fact of receipt of such documents.

Unlike paper documents, electronic document workflow requires secure information transfer channels. According to the current legislation, electronic documents are equal to originals. Electronic signatures (QES) are imposed on them, which the law also recognizes as equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Types of electronic document workflow

According to the spheres of application, there are internal electronic document workflow (covers the processes within the company) and external (provides the exchange of electronic documents between counterparties, between the company and government agencies, etc.).

Within the internal electronic document workflow, it is possible to distinguish:

  • managerial ODE (includes electronic orders, instructions, etc.);
  • personnel ODE (HR orders, employment agreements, etc.);
  • accounting ODE (statements, invoices, etc.);
  • storehouse ODE (receipts, certificates), etc.

If a company has specific business processes, other types of electronic documentation exchange may also occur. The areas and scope of ODE application depend on the goals of each particular company.

Switching to online document exchange gives businesses undeniable advantages. Let us consider them more closely.

Advantages of electronic document workflow


Resource saving. The use of electronic document workflow systems allows you to minimize the cost of printing and sending documents, and reduce the amount of papers in the office.


Effective document workflow management at the company. ODE systems allow you to control the movement of documents, track delays in approval and signing and eliminate them on time.


Fast document signing. All responsible employees work in a single environment. In ODE services, they receive notifications of new documents coming in for signing. This greatly reduces the total time for document processing.


Safe storage. ODE services provide a high level of document protection.

Electronic documents exchange between counterparties

Exchange of electronic documents in the Vchasno.ODE service consists of the following steps:

  1. A company employee uploads a document file to the service.
  2. In the Vchasno.ODE service s/he signs the document with a QES and sends it to the counterparty.
  3. The addressee receives an e-mail and a notification in the service that the document has been received, gets familiarized with it and also applies the QES.
  4. The document signed by all responsible employees is kept in the archive.

If the document requires a complex approval and signing procedure, you can set up a workflow in the Vchasno service. In this case, the document is duly received and signed by all responsible employees.

Organizing electronic document workflow

To introduce the Vchasno service at the company, legal issues must be agreed upon. For internal document workflow, it is necessary to develop regulations on electronic document workflow – to describe the processes for which the Vchasno service will be used and to obtain the written consent of employees.

To exchange documents with counterparties using the Vchasno service, an additional agreement on electronic document workflow should be concluded. It should specify the method of electronic document exchange (via the Vchasno service) and specify which documents are signed in this way.

Implementing electronic document workflow allows you to simplify and optimize processes within the company, as well as your work with counterparties. Vchasno offers a convenient solution for internal and external exchange of electronic documents in all areas of business.


What is a document workflow?

Document workflow is the flow of documents in an organization starting from the moment of creation or from the moment of receipt from a counterparty until they are transferred to the archive for storage.

How to switch to electronic document workflow?

To switch to electronic document workflow it is necessary to: 1) develop internal orders on electronic document workflow; 2) choose an ODE service; 3) obtain a QES for all employees involved in the exchange of electronic documents. After that, you can start exchanging electronic documents.

What are the legal aspects of electronic document workflow implementation?

The most important legal aspects of ODE implementation include: 1) development of internal regulations on the use of ODE; 2) obtaining written consent of the company's employees for the implementation of ODE; 3) the procedure for storing and archiving electronic documents, etc.

What are electronic document workflow systems?

Electronic document workflow systems are software for working with electronic documents at all stages of their life cycle: creation, editing, storage.