docs workflow
with ease

Electronic docs flow will help make the complicated simple. Create, Sign, Approve, Exchange and Store documents online

Online Document Exchange Service

For all

from the director to the warehouse worker

For all

from IT to production

For all

from the contract to the leave application

Підписати документ онлайн з «Вчасно»

6 Reasons to choose Vchasno

Підпис документів онлайн, доступ 24/7 навіть з мобільного

24/7 access

to documents from any device

Система обміну електронними документами дозволяє заощаджувати понад 90 грн на кожному документі

Cost savings –

more than UAH 90 on each document

Система електронного документообігу СЕД зберігає документи у хмарному архіві

30 s for the document search –

quick access to cloud archive

Захищений електронний обмін документами зі співробітниками

Privacy protection –

any number of employees can work independently in the service

Сервіс підписання документів «Вчасно» має зрозумілий інтерфейс

User-friendly interface –

employees quickly learn how to work with the service

Convenient mobile app —

sign documents with one click from your smartphone

The service we provide will help you get:

SaaS (cloud) solution

We use reliable Amazon S3 cloud storage to keep your documents. Work with your documents even on the go.

Open API and integration experience

We have over 3,500 integrations of varying complexity under our belt. Sign and send documents from any accounting system or personal account on your website.

Automated processes via document flows

Create routes for documents and automatically direct them to the right users. Add comments and labels for convenience.

Different departments working as a team

Vchasno allows everyone – accounting, law, finance, marketing, procurement departments, etc. – to work comfortably in the system at the same time. There are different levels of access to documents and chats with employees and partners.

Guaranteed security

We ensure secure access to the service, confidentiality of information, secure storage of electronic keys and passwords. We automatically check documents for viruses and legitimacy of signatures.

Prompt return on investments

Over 400% ROI is achieved within 3-4 months when 50% of partners switch to ODE.

We are trusted by over 900 thousand companies

Implementation speed, usability and security of document storage make Vchasno the most popular online document exchange service in Ukraine.

You can check if any of your partners are already in Vchasno

To check all partners at once, please download the list of contacts.

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Organize all paperwork
in one space

Vchasno table makes it easy to manage documents

All important information about your documents is right at your fingertips – in one table. Easily scroll through the table of documents and edit the document name, number, and value as needed. Add columns, lock them, rearrange them and change the width as desired. Very handy. The side menu and filters that you can hide will make your work even faster and smoother.

Team approval

Customize the process of approving documents within the company and save your time. With this function, documents will already be checked and approved by all responsible employees before the final signing.

You can get approvals:

  • one by one – one employee after another;
  • in parallel – in any order.

You can also block the signing of a document until all participants of the process have agreed to it. The approval history is stored with the document and you can easily find all the details if needed.

Custom fields

Add any supporting information to the document, such as purpose of payment, expense item, etc. This will make it easy to find, immediately understand important details, and quickly approve and sign the document. The processing status of the document can also serve as a custom field: “paid”, ” registered in the accounting system”, etc.

Do spend the least amount of time processing documents by adding unique information to them.

Internal documents

An internal document is a document that is signed only by the employees of your company and is not sent to the partner. The internal document workflow requires no less care and convenience than the external one.

Approve and sign statements, company directives, travel expense reports, commissioning certificates, fixed assets internal relocation acts, fixed assets write-off acts, etc. inside the company.

Швидке та зручне підписання документів онлайн

Document flows

Make the process of approving and signing documents automated. To save time and make working with e-documents more convenient, we’ve made it possible to attribute pre-determined flows to them. With customized flows, documents will instantly get to the right employees and in the right sequence.

You no longer need to customize the processing of each document separately, as we have already taken care of.


This feature allows you to:

  • Group documents like folders conveniently. You can put one document in just one folder, but you can assign multiple labels to it.
  • Provide employees with access to documents with only certain labels. Thus, you can form groups and entire departments that will only see the documents they need for their work.
  • Adjust incoming and outgoing documents to the necessary colleagues at once. All you need to do is set up automatic labeling of incoming documents. Thus, they will immediately reach the right employees and the right departments.

Try more features of the Vchasno service for free!

You can enjoy all features of Maximum plan for the first 14 days

  • Unlimited — Signing incoming documents
  • Unlimited — Storing documents in a cloud archive
  • Two-factor authentication for employees
  • Team approval
  • Labels
  • Required fields
  • Comments with employees and partners
  • Anti-virus document scanning
  • Individual rights for each employee
  • Internal documents
  • Document flows
  • Custom fields

Our Clients' Experience

It took us a maximum of 15 minutes to start signing and sending documents online. The service has an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface. So, we set up all the processes quickly and smoothly. And now it helps us to sign 300 contracts every month, and then we will be able to sign more.

Serhii Yevteiev

CFO of the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation


ODE help in raising millions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have also transferred internal documentation and letters to the controlling authorities into the electronic document workflow. Currently, we have 34% of the procurement agreements for the military signed in Vchasno.

The fundraisor for the Revenge Project brought 352 million UAH, with Vchasno involved

Vitalii Kovalenko

CFO Raben Ukraine


We have been working in ODE since 2018. Currently, the company processes thousands of documents in electronic form, which is especially relevant in the logistics field. And quick signing of deals means faster payments and profits.

Raben Ukraine manages to significantly save time for working with documents — from 30% to 50%

Vchasno allows you to securely exchange e-documents that are verified with an QES (qualified electronic signature). In addition, it is easy to start using it: you only need to register on the website and no additional software needs to be installed.

User awards and acknowledgments

“Ecotransformation” — the All-Ukrainian Ecological Prize

Leaders heading Ukraine to a new paradigm — a green economy, green GDP, a new quality of life and environment are rewarded at the Green Change Stakeholders Forum in Kyiv!

National Award from LIGA:ZAKON

This is an initiative of LIGA:ZAKON. Among the winners of the nominations are the market leaders who are recognized by Ukrainian accountants as the best. More than 13 thousand participants joined the open voting.

National Award “The Accountant's Choice”

The award is aimed at improving the quality of services for accountants throughout Ukraine. Winners are the absolute leaders who have received public recognition. Document.Online and M.E.Doc services are also among the nominees.

Switching to e-document


Register in the
Vchasno service

The interface of Vchasno is very simple and user-friendly, so registration and understanding the system is usually very fast.


Register your employees and introduce them to the service

First, invite employees who work with documents in your company to the service and give them the necessary access permissions.


Inform your partners about the transition to e-document workflow

Write a personal letter to the partners that your company works with. Or send a specially prepared invitation directly from the Vchasno service.


Sign and send documents

Take the opportunity to check if your partners already use Vchasno.

Enjoy fast document handling in Vchasno

Request a demo of the Vchasno service

During the online meeting, you will learn how e-document workflow can simplify and speed up the exchange of documents in your company.

Questions? – Let us know!

Contact our sales

Our team will be happy to help you find a solution for your company and choose the best plan.

Contact our support

Our managers are always ready to help with service operation, registration and technical configurations. Please, feel free to contact us!