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How the integration of Vchasno.Kasa and RemOnline facilitated MaxBud’s business

Mykola Hnatii
Co-founder of the MaxBud building market

It is not only the government that is interested in fiscalization, as it wants to control business cash transactions and tax calculation. Businesses can also benefit from fiscalization, as it collects real-time information about sales. Businesses can:

  • track the daily data flow
  • check reports quickly
  • make decisions based on them

These are exactly the benefits that MaxBud, a building market from Ternopil, has gained from the integration of Vchasno.Kasa and RemOnline. The company has been selling and delivering building materials in the city and region for almost three years. Almost from the first days of its existence, it has been using the RemOnline accounting system. And recently, it was able to appreciate the convenience of the Vchasno.Kasa software registrar of settlement operations (PRRO).

Vchasno.Kasa implementation outcomes

point of sale, cash register and cashier were imported in 10 minutes
it takes seconds to issue checks
checks can be issued online, offline and even with an unstable connection to the State Tax Service
Z-reports and X-reports help to avoid mistakes

Discovering RemOnline: seeking simplicity and convenience

Before the Maxbud market opened, it used a well-known automation program. However, having used it for a short time, it became clear that it was not quite suitable for the team because of its complicated functionality and integration. There was no other option at the time. They had already rented the premises, ordered the first product, bought a computer, and still hadn’t chosen an accounting program.

It all worked out quite simply. Mykola Hnatii, a co-founder of MaxBud, had accidentally run across RemOnline while browsing the web. A quick look at the website was enough to get him interested. The first thing he did upon powering on his computer was to sign up for the program.

RemOnline had impressed me with its extremely simple and user-friendly interface, providing an intuitive layout of all control panels and accesses. An advantage is that the training mode for beginners is enabled by default. When you hover over any button, checkbox, or tick, you may see pop-up tips, and you can go to the Knowledge Base and figure out the rest.

We expect the service to expand its capabilities in the future. And we are planning to expand as well. It’s now not an issue for us thanks to RemOnline, because the number of tools for working with warehouses, goods, orders, and customers is incredible. I find it comfortable and easy to work with the integrations.

First steps toward fiscalization

The MaxBud company has already been working with RemOnline for some time, when total fiscalization was adopted at the legislative level. It was then that the first integration of the PRRO was implemented in RemOnline. It was used by the building market for about the last year and a half. Though they were not satisfied with its features:

  • to print a fiscal receipt, you had to wait for 2 or 3, and sometimes even up to 10 minutes;
  • you could download the receipt only in PDF format, which cannot be printed on thermal paper, because the format requires at least A4 size;
  • all receipts had to be printed on a thermal printer on a cash register tape with a width of 80 mm.

Considering the number of receipts needed per day, this was extremely inconvenient for MaxBud.

There were times when you could not download the PDF immediately. You had to log out of RemOnline, go to the registrar’s page, then go to the receipt archive, find the receipt, and print it. Downloading each fiscal receipt and printing it was quite a hassle. Sometimes, the cashier had to take a screenshot or ask the customer for a phone number and send him/her a screenshot or the receipt itself in PDF format. In case the customer wanted to receive a paper receipt, we had to print it on A4.

Having none of these drawbacks was the main criterion for finding a convenient program for fiscalization. As soon as the integration with Vchasno.Kasa became available, Mykola immediately registered and started to learn about the service’s capabilities.

Our goal was to simplify our work and that of our employees as much as possible. Integrating Vchasno.Kasa has made it possible, as it is significantly faster in processing receipts. Once you press the sales button in RemOnline and the receipt is closed, the same fiscal receipt is immediately opened in a new tab, no matter whether you are online or offline and whether the connection to the State Tax Service is stable. This was the crucial factor for us in choosing the integration for fiscalization.

Switching to a new service

We switched over two days after MaxBud became a Vchasno.Kasa user. It turned out to be a rather turbulent process, as no one in the team was aware of the technical nuances.

Mykola had no time to complete all the settings in the service right away and planned to do it the next day. However, in the morning, it turned out that he could not transfer his data from Vchasno.Kasa to the tax office’s server. The electronic signature he had used was invalid, even though it was not overdue. While logging in to the taxpayer’s account, the system would not let the user in and would display an error. It took 5-10 minutes to revoke all the keys in the Privat AKCC, to revoke the key from the tax office, and to reissue the ADC.

Meanwhile, a new working day began. Due to the simple functionality of Vchasno.Kasa and RemOnline, the point of sale, cash register, and cashier were imported from the tax office.

We managed to do this in just 10 minutes while customers were standing in line, while salespeople were advising them, selecting goods, and collecting orders.

And when the time came to make the payment, no issues arose. People received their fiscalized receipts and suspected nothing. It was challenging, interesting, and exciting at the same time.

Benefits of using Vchasno.Kasa

MaxBud has been using the integration with Vchasno.Kasa for about four months now. From the very first day, the company found the service extremely convenient as a software registrar of settlement operations for trade.

You can upload receipts, open them in a new tab, and even send a link to the receipt to the customer. Speed is the most important thing here. Even the speed of the integration itself, because it takes a matter of seconds. You have access to the receipt, you can copy the link, you can download it, you can save it in PDF format.

In addition, the fact that Vchasno.Kasa allows you to generate a large number of reports was definitely a great advantage for MaxBud.

These include Z-reports and sales, returns, cash, and non-cash reports. They play a key role in building the company’s overall analytics. This data can be tracked for certain periods, for a specific day, week, or month. All this allows you to see the business analytics and understand its performance.

The integration allows you to control transactions in both RemOnline and Vchasno.Kasa. After all, no one is immune to the human factor. Sometimes it happens that a sale was made via bank transfer, and the cashier accidentally processed it for cash. Of course, you have a fiscal receipt in both cases, but the data is different.

You can also check the company’s turnover for the day using Vchasno.Kasa tools. So it is quite easy to find an error in different receipts, sales, and reports.

We are very satisfied with the Vchasno.Kasa service, as well as with our decision to switch to this PRRO. That has simplified the work, analytics, search for incorrect transactions, and made it possible to eliminate them immediately, on the spot. We’re completely pleased with the functioning of the service today.

Vchasno.Kasa mobile app is a huge advantage

This is incredibly helpful in our case. Before closing the work shift, you can check whether all the receipts are closed correctly, or whether the number of fiscalized cash and non-cash receipts in Vchasno.Kasa matches the number of receipts sent to the tax office and RemOnline.

Another advantage of the mobile app is that you can view the X-report. Since even if you find any errors after the shift closes, it is actually impossible to correct them. However, the X-report and reports in RemOnline allow you to quickly check the correctness of the day’s transactions and make any necessary changes.

New challenges in legislation: perspectives and suggestions

Today, there is a legal requirement that receipts, including fiscal receipts, should have their electronic payment instrument fields filled in. This is very convenient, as there is no need to issue a bank receipt to customers.

Also, this will make it much easier for merchants: when a person has purchased a product and wants to return it for some reason, there is no need to print both a fiscal and a bank receipt. Consumers will have to keep not just one, but two receipts. And the seller, accordingly, also needs to print two receipts. Because without the RRN, i.e. without the individual number of the bank receipt from the POS terminal, it is impossible to make a refund to the card.

There are no problems with the fiscalization of cash transactions in Vchasno.Kasa and RemOnline. In the case of card payments, we hope that this feature will soon be finalized.

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